What we do

Pour une autre PAC  leads and coordinates collective work articulated around three axes.

  • Forum i.e. encouraging communication and engagement between the non-for-profit stakeholders in CAP-related topics :
    • building, adjusting and consolidating internal cohesion, including the goals, political orientations and strategy
    • favoring the exchange of information between members as well as between European partners ;
    • encouraging complementarity within the platform and between it and European partners.
  • Advocacy i.e. promote an ambitious reform of the CAP towards more sustainability, justice, and coherence :
    • making sure that the ideas Pour une autre PAC promotes are taken into account in the next CAP and in the French implementation processes ;
    • enhancing the role civil society plays in political discussions around the CAP ;
    • favouring inter-ministerial cooperation in the definition of the French position regarding the CAP.
  • Citizen mobilization i.e. raise awareness in the general public about agricultural policy impacts :
    • helping people understand what’s important in agricultural policy ;
    • encouraging media coverage of CAP and CAP-related issues ;
    • engaging citizens in the CAP reform process.


You can find here an exemple of common declaration with our German partners.