Who we are

The platform Pour une autre PAC (For Another Common Agricultural Policy) is a French inter-association body created for a common reflection and action in view of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.


In 2007, an association named Groupe PAC 2013 is created to weigh on the discussions surrounding the preparation of the 2013–2020 CAP reform. Then strong of 15 member organizations, it is progressively acknowledged by French and European political leaders for its expertise, and representativity.

Now named Pour une autre PAC, the platform is again mobilized in 2017, as debates surrounding the post-2020 CAP reforms begin. With stronger ambitions and an increased number of members, it continues the fight for more sustainable, fair and coherent agricultural policies.


The major strength of Pour une autre PAC is the common mobilization of dozens of associations, federations and syndicates, with various interests, around a common and specific goal : pushing for a positive reform of the CAP. There is no other such organization or structure in France working on the CAP.

Pour une autre PAC gathers around some 43 member organizations, structured in four categories. All work at national level and demonstrate a direct link between their domain of activity and the CAP.